php filtering function for jquery table

I use jquery datatables in server side processing and I try to implement in php a function for my Global Filter:

Function should display all rows only if and only if:

-- both words are in the same column AND in the same row
-- both words are in different columns AND in the same row

So..If I type floor free or free floor on Global Filter it should returns always the SAME query.

You can test Global Filter here but this table don't load data from MySQL and I want replicate this client side filtering in php: DEMO

Instead, in my server side table relevant php code which controls Global Filter is:

static function filter ( $request, $columns, &$bindings ) { $globalSearch = array(); $columnSearch = array(); $dtColumns = self::pluck( $columns, 'dt' ); if ( isset($request['search']) && $request['search']['value'] != '' ) { $str = $request['search']['value']; for ( $i=0, $ien=count($request['columns']) ; $i<$ien ; $i++ ) { $requestColumn = $request['columns'][$i]; $columnIdx = array_search( $requestColumn['data'], $dtColumns ); $column = $columns[ $columnIdx ]; if ( $requestColumn['searchable'] == 'true' ) { $binding = self::bind( $bindings, '%'.$str.'%', PDO::PARAM_STR ); //$globalSearch[] = "match(".$column['db'].") against (".$binding.")"; $globalSearch[] = "`".$column['db']."` LIKE ".$binding; } } }

What should i do?
I believe that I do explode the search string into separate words:

$words = explode(' ', $str); $wordcount = count($words);

and then my condition should look like:

WHERE IF(Column1 LIKE '%{$words[0]}%' OR Column2 LIKE '%{$words[0]}%' OR Column4 LIKE '%{$words[0]}%', 1, 0) + IF(Column1 LIKE '%{$words[1]}%' OR Column2 LIKE '%{$words[1]}%' OR Column4 LIKE '%{$words[1]}%', 1, 0) + IF(Column1 LIKE '%{$words[2]}%' OR Column2 LIKE '%{$words[2]}%' OR Column4 LIKE '%{$words[2]}%', 1, 0) + ... >= $wordcount

Each of the IF expressions should be 1 if that word is found in any of the columns. Adding them together will get the total number of words found in any column. Then test if this is at least the number of words (it could be more if the same word is in multiple columns).

But I don't understand how to use nested foreach loops to build the query from your input. Also I don't understand If I must use Table API

-------------Problems Reply------------

Hey I think I have an idea. But be careful it's untested. The function should var_dump an SQL statement like this:

CONCAT(column1, column2, column3) LIKE '%free%' AND
CONCAT(column1, column2, column3) LIKE '%floor%'

Concat joins the 3 given columns to one (you can concat as many columns as you want)

function filter ( $request, $columns, &$bindings )
$globalSearch = array();
$columnSearch = array();
$dtColumns = self::pluck( $columns, 'dt' );

if ( isset($request['search']) && $request['search']['value'] != '' ) {
$string = $request['search']['value'];
$string = split(" ", $string);
$query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE ";
$j = 0;
foreach($string as $str){
$concat = "CONCAT(";
for ( $i=0, $ien=count($request['columns']) ; $i<$ien ; $i++ ) {
$requestColumn = $request['columns'][$i];
$columnIdx = array_search( $requestColumn['data'], $dtColumns );
$column = $columns[ $columnIdx ];

if ( $requestColumn['searchable'] == 'true' ) {
//$binding = self::bind( $bindings, '%'.$str.'%', PDO::PARAM_STR );
//$globalSearch[] = "match(".$column['db'].") against (".$binding.")";
$globalSearch[] = $column['db'];
$concat .= implode(",", $globalSearch) . ") LIKE '%" . $str . "%'";
if($j > 0 ){
$query .= " AND " . $concat;
$query .= $concat;
$globalSeach = array();

I hope my code can help you a little bit.

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