Paw REST Client - generate objects from JSON response

Are there plans for enabling PAW to generate code from the JSON response? Or exponse a javascript API to do that? I would like to generate obj-c or swift classes based on the response.

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It's true that no code generator does that, but the JavaScript API exists, you can see here the Overview of what's possible and here's the full API Reference. Here's also a quick tutorial on how to make a code generator in Paw.

Here's a snippet on how to get JSON from the latest HTTP response of a given request:

var MyCodeGenerator = function() {
this.generate = function(context) {
var responseBody = context.getCurrentRequest().getLastExchange().responseBody;
var responseObject = JSON.parse(responseBody); // JSON object
return JSON.stringify(responseObject); // just an example

MyCodeGenerator.identifier = "com.mycompany.MyCodeGenerator";

MyCodeGenerator.title = "My Code Generator";

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