Passing a condition into Func of a Tuple

I am trying to create a list of tuples with properties and conditions for their validation. So I had this idea in mind:

List<Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>> properties = new List<Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>> { Tuple.Create(FirstName, "User first name is required", ???), }; ...

How can I pass expression of type (FirstName == null) as Func ?

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Like this (using a lambda expression):

List<Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>> properties = new List<Tuple<string, string,
Tuple.Create<string, string, Func<bool>>(
"User first name is required",
() => FirstName == null),

Something like this:

List<Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>> properties = new List<Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>>
Tuple.Create(FirstName, "User first name is required", new Func<bool>(() => FirstName == null)),

Note that there are some limitatons to type inference for lambda expressions... for this reason the new Func<bool> way of building a delegate is used.


Tuple.Create(FirstName, "User first name is required", (Func<bool>)(() => FirstName == null)),
Tuple.Create<string, string, Func<bool>>(FirstName, "User first name is required", () => FirstName == null),
new Tuple<string, string, Func<bool>>(FirstName, "User first name is required", () => FirstName == null),

In the end you have to repeate the Func<bool> somewhere.

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