Pagination algorithm with javascript

I have a javascript function which makes an ajax request to php controller method which returns a JSON encoded array.

function initGallery(offset) { if(offset === undefined) { var request_url = url+'avatar/gallery'; } else { var request_url = url+'avatar/gallery/'+offset; } $('#avatar_gallery').html('') $.get(request_url,function(data) { var dat = jQuery.parseJSON(data); //Build gallery $('#avatar_gallery').html('<div class="gallery_box"></div>'); $('.gallery_box').append('<div class="gallery_header">Your Avatar Gallery</div>'); $('.gallery_box').append('<div class="gallery_container"></div>'); $.each(dat.avatars,function(index,item) { $('.gallery_container').append( '<div class="gallery_item">'+ '<img src="'+item.avatar_src+'" id="'+item.avatar_id+'" onclick="avatar.view_avatar("/>'+ '</div>' ); }); $('.gallery_box').append('<div class="gallery_footer"></div>'); $('.gallery_footer').html('<div class="gallery_pagination"><div>'); }); }

And this is my controller method

function gallery($offset= 0) { $limit = 12; $user_id = $this->session->userdata('user_id'); $data = $this->avatar_model->user_avatars($user_id,$limit,$offset); $avatars = array(); $count = $this->avatar_model->count_user_avatars($user_id); $pages = ceil($count/$limit); foreach($data as $key => $avatar) { $dat['avatar_id'] = $avatar->avatar_id; $dat['avatar_src'] = $avatar->avatar_small; $dat['create_date'] = time("d-m-Y",$avatar->create_date); $avatars[] = $dat; } $server_response['avatar_count'] = $count; $server_response['avatars'] = $avatars; echo json_encode($server_response); }

I dont really have an idea on how to paginate the data returned from the reques. Please point me in the right direction

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It's easy. Add a class to your pagination link (you can use full_tag_open and full_tag_close config variable: <p class="pagination> and </p>). After that you can redefine the .pagination a click event (I'm using JQuery):

function () {
$(".pagination a").click(function(event){

I hope this helps you.

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