• QT Build Error ' Expected a platform name ' (Xcode 6.3.2 / OS X 10.10 / Qt 5.4.2) 2019-03-16

    OS X 10.10, Xcode 6.3.2, Qt 5.4.2 clang 64bit After moving to Yosemite and QT 5 I can't build my C++ project on Mac anymore. I get the next errors after clean,qmake and rebuild: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Dev

    Tags: osx xcode qt5
  • zlib_decode() data error

    zlib_decode() data error 2019-03-16

    I've been struggling to install/configure Composer for about 3 days, and I'm totally lost: I type composer install and it produced: After I type composer diagnose & reading a lot of articles without knowing exactly what I'm reading about, I conclude

    Tags: php composer php
  • Sorting a struct array or dictionary in Swift 2019-03-16

    I have a struct dictionary like this (Taken from Swift: How to declare a 2d array (grid or matrix) in Swift to allow random insert , thanks to @rintaro ): struct Matrix2D<KeyElem:Hashable, Value> { var _storage:[KeyElem:[KeyElem:Value]] = [:] subscr

    Tags: swift swift2
  • displaying anchor tag with both block and table-cell features 2019-03-15

    So, I have the following code: <div class="flexslider" id="carousel"> <ul class="thumbs"> <li class="thumbnail"> <a href="#">Really long link that happens to move to multiple lines&

    Tags: css hyperlink
  • Wrong column type on hibernate 2019-03-15

    When I change the hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto value from update tovalidate, it gives me the error message: Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Wrong column type in public.element for column phaseFromA. Found: float4, expected: float The field it

    Tags: java postgresql hibernate
  • SQL Server : Trace won't create file 2019-03-15

    I'm trying to start using SQL Trace and I am running into "Access Denied" errors when using the following: exec @rc = sp_trace_create @TraceID output, 0, N'C:\Users\USER$\Desktop\SQLTrace', @maxfilesize, NULL if (@rc != 0) goto error I have trie

    Tags: sql sql server trace
  • Average Iterating through list 2019-03-15

    I'm new to Python coming from excel. I want average for a list but for each new item. For a list: x = [-3.2, 2.7, -8.5, -1.4] I've tried: avg = sum(col)/len(col) And that gives a result of -2.6, which is the whole column divided by whole count. I wan

    Tags: python excel
  • How to specify headers for client object in databasedotcom gem? 2019-03-15

    Could some body please tell me on how to pass query options header for client in databasedotcom gem. I am firing SOQL query using client.query method as below : results = self.client.query(query_string) But I want to pass the query options header to

    Tags: ruby on rails salesforce databasedotcom gem
  • 1 App Built for Enterprise and App Store

    1 App Built for Enterprise and App Store 2019-03-15

    We have an app that we build both for enterprise and for app store. This requires us to make a couple settings The bundle identifier The Development team Currently we use 2 branches with the enterprise branch as the master and the app store branch as

    Tags: xcode objective c ios swift
  • move_upload_file uploading old file? 2019-03-15

    I'm working on an "Edit post" page which allows users to upload a picture to replace their old picture (displayed at the bottom of the post). Here's the code: if (isset($_FILES['pic']['tmp_name']) && $_FILES['pic']['name']!=NULL) { $targ

    Tags: php file
  • Cannot get the HTML value of a dd element with jQuery 2019-03-15

    Please help, I cannot get the html value of a dd element. This is my code: <table id="tabla_costo"> <h2> Costo de Producción </h2> <dl> <dt>Codigo></dt> <dd class="code">   </dd> <d

    Tags: javascript jquery
  • Create 2 dimensional merged array based value 2019-03-14

    I have an array in the following format, Array ( [0] => Array ( [expense_id] => 7 [type] => frfrf [mode] => rfr [amount] => 100 [tran_type] => expense [date] => 2015-06-29 ) [1] => Array ( [expense_id] => 8 [type] => frfrf [m

    Tags: php mysql arrays
  • What to take into consideration when changing a servers timezone 2019-03-14

    I have a few Ubuntu 14.04 servers, which are running Apache,MySQL,Postfix,Dovecot and ntpd ... And need to change the timezone from BST to UTC, which I will do using: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Is there anything I need to monitor, or be aware of af

    Tags: time ubuntu 14.04
  • How to disable default app permissions for Facebook app? 2019-03-14

    I am working on a Facebook app, but I don't think I need the default permissions from my users ("public info" and the user's email address) I'd like to keep the permissions requested to a bare minimum, but I can't see in my app admin area on dev

    Tags: facebook facebook graph api
  • Can't add user to role with SimpleMembership (MySQL) 2019-03-14

    I'm trying to use SimpleMembership with MySql in a Code First project. This is the initializer I made: WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection("MyConnectionStringName", "UserProfile", "UserId", "UserName", false);

    Tags: mysql authentication asp.net mvc simplemembership
  • Delete string element in array (Matlab) 2019-03-14

    I have a string: pairs = ['AA';'AB';'BB';'AC'; 'CC'; 'CB';'DE'; 'BC'] How can I delete the element which has the same characters in its string like 'AA','BB', 'CC' ? The expected output should be: out = ['AB';'AC';'CB';'DE';'BC'] --------------Soluti

    Tags: string matlab cell array
  • Filling histogram by column of color names 2019-03-14

    I have a function that combines data sets and assigns colors to each like the code seen below x1 <- rep(1:10, each = 3, times = 3) x2 <- rep(1:7, each = 7, times = 2) x3 <- rep(6:9, each = 11, times = 4) y1 <- rep(1:5, each = 2, times = 9) y2

    Tags: ggplot2
  • split document by using MarkLogic mlcp 2019-03-14

    I need to split this document <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE docs SYSTEM "../roempp11.dtd"> <docs> <stwtext id="RD-10-00258" update="03.2011" seq="RQ-10-00001"> <head> <ti

    Tags: marklogic
  • Get previous occurrence of a LocalTime 2019-03-14

    How to get the previous occurrence of a specified local time as an instant, for the system timezone ? This basically means getting today at specified time or yesterday at specified time depending whether the specified time for today is before or afte

    Tags: java time
  • Direct memory access RX for the STM32L1

    Direct memory access RX for the STM32L1 2019-03-14

    I've been trying for a while now to transmit a block of data from my computer to an STM32L100C-DISCO over USART. For performance reasons, this is to be done using DMA. So far, however, I have not been able to get it to work. As I cannot seem to figur

    Tags: microcontroller stm32 dma usart

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