Page replacement algorithm simulation in Java

Is there utility program for Page replacement algorithm simulation in Java?

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Java abstracts away the concrete memory management, so there should seldom be a need for this.


Think some more seconds. No, there is no such algorithm in the standart libraries.

If you mean 'Page replacement' as in virtual memory management, I cannot see there would be something like that. I mean the JVM does a lot of work to hide that from developers and provide a consistent memory model (with varying degrees of success).

Finally I developed-

Check out it

If you just want to experiment with different algorithms and learn how they work, then you may want to have a look at custard-cache -- this is an embryonic open-source implementation of some of the most common page replacement algorithms, along with an adapter for those algorithms to be used in JBoss Cache and a very small test suite to let you run different cache algorithms over our own sample data to judge hit ratio + effectiveness.

Now, a disclaimer: I wrote it this code. It was developed as an experimental exercise at my employer, where we were trying to maximise the efficacy of a cache and wanted to know if a different algorithm would help us. We didn't end up changing algorithms, but we figured someone else might have a use for it so open-sourced it. Nothing much has been done with it since but please take a look and see if it's useful.

Paging algorithms implemented are:

  • Direct-mapped (associative)
  • FIFO
  • LRU
  • LFU
  • Adaptive Replacement Cache (and Fixed Replacement Cache)
  • Multi-Queue Replacement
  • Johnson and Shasha's 2Q algorithm

There are others I'd like to implement (the Clock family, LRU-K, CAR) but haven't got around to it.

Hope it's helpful!

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