Operating a global buffer in C

I have a simple program with a couple of functions. I need the program to return a buffer that is being built in the functions and in the main function. I decided to do so with a global buffer. Supposing I know the maximum size of the final string, what is the best way to do so - creating the buffer, appending the strings and returning it? the program looks somewhat like this:

// Declaring the global buffer int funcB() { // Append string to buffer } int funcA() { // Append string to buffer from funcA return } main() { // Append string to buffer from main funcA() // Append string to buffer from main funcB() // Append string to buffer from main // Return the buffer }

each comment is not a comment on the code, it's the action that the program need to do.

Thank you!

-------------Problems Reply------------

int funcA(char *add, char *string)
return 1;

int main(){
//Buffer available to set
char buffer[] = "Hello";
char txt[] = "Fires";

//Call function to change buffer at its address


return 0;

As someone mentioned it would be a idea to use parameters and declare global buffer in main. You also have to worry about how big your strings are that you are appending them. Cause you could possibly write over the next value.

You also have the option to declare variables in .h file and include that file in your main. http://stackoverflow.com/a/3010672/2980929

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