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I was wondering if there's a cross platform way to mimic the Windows Open With dialog from inside a Java Swing application. My application is an editor for elearning packages and one of the users wanted to be able to open the content files in the editor of their choice from within the application, resources are generally HTML files, images, css, javascript, but can be any type of content that can run in a browser. Thanks

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I think that you may be able to do something with JDIC (Java Desktop Integration Components).

Take a look at the package org.jdesktop.jdic.filetypes

Provides classes for associating applications with file types and accessing a registered file type association.

Every desktop allows the user to view files with the associated applications. Usually a desktop comes with a registry that allows the user to associate applications with file types. An association includes information like a MIME type, file extensions, and actions that could be applied to the file type. By accessing the association information, the desktop could invoke the appropriate applications to handle a file, display an URL or send an email.

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