OK to disable junk filter ("@" sort rule move to Inbox) and second Sort Rule "Contains word, then forward to..."???

Let's say I have only these two Sort New Message rules:
1. "Sender's address contains @, then move to Inbox" (disable Junk filter, hopefully)
2. "Subject contains word XXX, then forward to [email protected]" (forward all messages, including Junk, that contains XXX)

1. Will Junk (otherwise classified as, and sent to Junk folder) AND non-junk mail with subjects that DO contain the word XXX be properly forwarded to [email protected]?
2. Will Junk mail with subject NOT containing the word XXX be put in Inbox rather than Junk, and NOT be forwarded?

I would test this myself, but I do not know how to create Junk mail

Thank you.

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