Not able to change language in windows 8.1

So yesturday, I had no idea what happened. I write in two languages and no problem so far. My PC was updated automatically after I shut it down and today I work up and each time I press (LEFT SHIT+ALT) the language doesn't change at all. I have to change it from the taskbar which is a pain.

I went to advanced settings and I saw that the keys are the same "LEFT SHIFT + ALT" but each time I press it, I'm not able to change the language.

Also I found that since the update, I have a "touch keyboard" in the taskbar. I don't know what happened. It seems Windows 8.1 did an update on that area and things are not working for me.

So how can I fix this problem because I'm writing very slow now because each time I should change the Language, I have to use the mouse and go to taskbar and click on the language I want.

Hope you can help me!

Thank you!

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