Non-linear system of equations Julia

I'm trying to solve a large number (50) of non-linear simultaneous equations in Julia. For the moment I'm just trying to make this work with 2 equations to get the syntax right etc. However, I've tried a variety of packages/tools - NLsolve, nsolve in SymPy and NLOpt in JuMP (where I ignore the objective function and just enter equality constraints)- without much luck. I guess I should probably focus on making it work in one. I'd appreciate any advice on choice of packages and if possible code.

Here's how I tried to do it in NLsolve (using it in mcpsolve mode so I can impose constraints on the variables I am solving for - x[1] and x[2] - which are unemployment rates and so bounded between zero and 1) :

using Distributions using Devectorize using Distances using StatsBase using NumericExtensions using NLsolve beta = 0.95 xmin= 0.73 xmax = xmin+1 sigma = 0.023 eta = 0.3 delta = 0.01 gamma=0.5 kappa = 1 psi=0.5 ns=50 prod=linspace(xmin,xmax,ns) l1=0.7 l2=0.3 wbar=1 r=((1/beta)-1-1e-6 +delta) ## Test code function f!(x, fvec) ps1= wbar + (kappa*(1-beta*(1-sigma*((1-x[1])/x[1])))) ps2= wbar + (kappa*(1-beta*(1-sigma*((1-x[2])/x[2])))) prod1=prod[1] prod2=prod[50] y1=(1-x[1])*l1 y2=(1-x[2])*l2 M=(((prod1*y1)^((psi-1)/psi))+((prod2*y2)^((psi-1)/psi))) K=((r/eta)^(1/(eta-1)))*M pd1=(1-eta)*(K^eta)*(M^(-eta))*prod1 pd2=(1-eta)*(K^eta)*(M^(-eta))*prod2 fvec[1]=pd1-ps1 fvec[2]=pd2-ps2 end mcpsolve(f!,[0.0,0.0],[1.0,1.0], [ 0.3, 0.3])

I get this error messageNon-linear system of equations Julia

Any suggestions very welcome! I appreciate the formulas are pretty ugly so let me know if any further simplifications helpful (I have tried!)

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