NodeJS+SequelizeJS+Express+Jade, does model have many-to-many association in template

I have 2 models, a Product and a Shipping model, the shipping model stores means of shipping and each product can have more mean of shipping. In my express application in a route i manage to find a product and include the Shipping model, and pass the response of the success promise to a view file, together with all other means of shippings, in my view file i'd like to display all of the shippings and put a tick next to which the product has, I just cant figure it out how i could manage it, I know that hasShipping method of the product returns a promise, which accepts callbacks, but in jade its not the way things work, so im pretty much lost. I could iterate through the shippings key of the product in the route right before rendering the view, but that would really mess up my code, with 10s of rows of un-needed codes, in PHP its pretty easy to solve my problem, but in NodeJS I'm lost. Anyone?

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