Nesting queries in CF

I'm using this code to display a list of platforms. If a platformID was specified upon entering the page, I would like to create a list of genres underneath the specified platform.

  1. browse.cfm was accessed via a link that specified a platformID of 1
  2. browse.cfm will list all available platforms
  3. browse.cfm will now list all available genres under platformID of 1.

    <ul> <li>Browse</li> <cfoutput query="qGetPlatforms"> <li> <a href="browse.cfm?platformID=#URLEncodedFormat(Trim(qGetPlatforms.platformID))#">#qGetPlatforms.pName#</a> <cfif URL.platformID EQ qGetPlatforms.platformID> <ul> <cfoutput query="qGetGenres"> <li><a href="browse.cfm?genreID=#URLEncodedFormat(Trim(qGetGenres.genreID))#">#qGetGenres.gName#</a></li> </cfoutput> </ul> </cfif> </li> </cfoutput> </ul>

By using this approach, however, I'm getting an invalid nesting configuration. How do I fix this? Or is there another approach to achieve the same idea?


MY queries:

<!---Get platforms---> <cffunction name="fGetPlatforms" access="public" returntype="query" output="false" hint="I get all the platforms"> <!---Local var---> <cfset qGetPlatforms = ""> <!---Database query---> <cfquery name="qGetPlatforms" datasource="#REQUEST.datasource#"> SELECT platforms.platformID, platforms.platformName AS pName FROM platforms </cfquery> <cfreturn qGetPlatforms> </cffunction> <!---Get genres---> <cffunction name="fGetGenres" access="public" returntype="query" output="false" hint="I get all the genres"> <!---Local var---> <cfset qGetGenres = ""> <!---Database query---> <cfquery name="qGetGenres" datasource="#REQUEST.datasource#"> SELECT genres.genreID, genres.genreName AS gName FROM genres </cfquery> <cfreturn qGetGenres> </cffunction>

-------------Problems Reply------------

You can use <cfloop query="qGetGenres"></cfloop>, they can be nested.

IMO, using cfoutput for looping over the queries is old style and should be avoided. Use cfoutput for output, cfloop for looping and you'll have more readable code.

more food for thought is to use an inner join between the two tables, combine and retrieve everything in one query and then use cfoutput's group attribute to display the results:

<cfset URL.platformID = int(val(URL.platformID))>

<cfquery name="getPlatformsAndGenres" datasource="#REQUEST.datasource#">
p.platformID AS platformID
,p.platformName AS pName
,g.genreID AS genreID
,g.genreName AS gName
platforms p
INNER JOIN genres g
ON p.platformID = g.platformID
p.platformID = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" value="#URL.platformID#">

Once you have everything in one query, you can use <cfoutput query="getPlatformsAndGenres" group="pName">
to lessen your code:

<cfoutput query="getPlatformsAndGenres" group="pName">
<a href="browse.cfm?platformID=#URLEncodedFormat(Trim(platformID))#">#pName#</a>
<li><a href="browse.cfm?genreID=#URLEncodedFormat(Trim(genreID))#">#gName#</a></li>

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