Need to identify difference in the output of fqlquery and json decoding

I have a database table that has facebook page url, page id and status. I need to update the status field with Yes or No depending on whether the facebook page is verified or not. I have taken the fql approach (i know its no more now) still. It works because I have an old facebook app. Here is the query outputs json object returning true or false

FQL Query is_verified FROM page WHERE page_id="115332808485663"

Link to view query in browser

Here I have taken an example of NokiaIndia facebook page. It is a verified page and the above query returns true in brower but when i do it in php, it says its not verified. I think I have some thing wrong in the below code that needs to be identified. Please help.

$url=$row["url"]; $pageid=$row["page_id"]; $fqlAPIParams = array( 'method' => 'fql.query', 'query' =>' SELECT is_verified FROM page WHERE page_id = '.$pageid.' LIMIT 99999' , 'access_token'=>$token ); $result = $facebook->api($fqlAPIParams); if( $result->is_verified ){ $verified="Yes"; } else { $verified="No"; } echo $pageid; echo "<br>"; echo $verified;

Here is the output of the code. Since the page in example is verified, it should show Yes ! Please help....

115332808485663 No

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I guess you should be checking the "is_verified" field, but you are checking "verified".

It should be:

if( $result->is_verified ){
} else {

Being having very little knowledge of arrays, json and programming, Tired a lot of combinations and finally got it to work. The problem was here

if( $result[0]['is_verified'] ){

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