MVC MapRoute with username

I'm building a small MVC application. After a user logs in I want his/her route to display:

Underneath of course same action is called for each user e.g. /home/index. How do I write my MapRoute to achieve that and what other code(attributes) should I use?

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Add this rout to your routes in global.asax.cs file

"RouteName", // Route name
"FixedUrlSegment/{UserName}/{Controller}/{action}/{id}/", // URL with parameters
new { controller = "ControllerName",
action = "ActionName",

I think you should use a fixed segment as start-up point for your route to distinguish it from default or other routes

of course in log in action method you must redirect to that new route

return RedirectToRoutePermanent("RouteName", new { username = "UserName",
action = "Index",
controller = "Home",
// remember id is not required for that route as mentioned in global file

this example will redirect your page to url mvc Views:8 Time:2012-03-25

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