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I have a table (Inventory_Line) where LID is auto increment and IID is a single number referring to the inventory date, PID is a numeric part#. We use this table for inventory.

LID IID NAME PID QTY --- --- ------ --- --- 1 1 Part A 213 12 2 1 Part B 200 15 3 2 Part A 213 9 4 2 Part B 200 7

We also have a table Order_Line

OLID OID NAME PID QTY ---- --- ------ --- --- 1 217 Part A 213 12 2 217 Part B 200 15 3 218 Part A 213 9 4 218 Part B 200 7

My goal is to show

((Previous Inventory Qty (Inventory_Line.IID=1)) AS PREV_INV + (ORDERED Qty (Order_Line.OID = 217 AND 218)) AS ORDERED - (Current Inventory Qty Inventory_Line.IID=2) AS CURRENT_INV) AS SOLD WHERE PID = X

The output would be like this:

PID NAME PREV_INV ORDERED CURRENT_INV SOLD --- ------ -------- ------- ----------- ---- 213 Part A 12 21 9 24

We are using MS Access and I have some experience with Joins but I am kind of stuck on how to pull this off. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you thinking of something on these lines?

Nz([pi].[qty], 0) + Nz([o].[qty], 0) - Nz([s].[qty], 0) AS dat
FROM inventory_line) AS t
FROM inventory_line
WHERE iid = 2) AS pi
ON =
FROM inventory_line
WHERE iid = 3) AS s
ON =
FROM order_line
WHERE oid = 217
OR oid = 218) AS o
ON =
WHERE (( ( ) = [Enter:] ))

The above needs some work, but what should be done would be clearer with more input on the desired output.

Re comments

Nz([pi].[qty]) + Nz([o].[q]) - Nz([s].[Qty]) AS sold
FROM inventory_line) AS t
FROM inventory_line
WHERE iid = 1) AS pi
ON =
FROM inventory_line
WHERE iid = 2) AS s
ON =
SUM(qty) AS q
FROM order_line
WHERE oid = 217
OR oid = 218
GROUP BY pid) AS o
ON =
WHERE (( ( ) = [Enter:] ))

I couldn't work out the where the 24 in the SOLD column comes from but here is another solution for the rest

SELECT Order_Line.PID, Order_Line.NAME, DLookUp("[QTY]","[Order_Line]","[OID]=" & [OID]-1 & " AND PID=" & [PID]) AS PREV_INV, DSum("[QTY]","[Order_Line]","[PID]=" & [PID]) AS ORDERED, Order_Line.QTY AS CURRENT_INV FROM Order_Line;

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