multiple form insert query mysql

is there anyone know how to format this array in a loop so that it will insert in a database in a single query but in a loop way using php.

I'm making a multiple form by the way.

here's the array format of the field and this is my form looks like multiple form insert query mysql

Array ( [sup_payroll_type] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 [2] => 1 ) [sup_month] => Array ( [0] => January [1] => January [2] => May ) [sup_year] => Array ( [0] => 2015 [1] => 2015 [2] => 2015 ) [sup_late_days] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 1 [2] => 2 ) [sup_absent_days] => Array ( [0] => 2 [1] => 1 [2] => 0 ) [sup_id] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 5 [2] => 6 ) [sup_emp_id] => Array ( [0] => 24 [1] => 24 [2] => 24 ) [save_edit_satt] => Array ( [0] => SAVE ) )

any help would be appreciated.

-------------Problems Reply------------

You can do with using a loop only

$insertQuery = 'INSERT INTO attendence (sup_payroll_type, sup_month, sup_year,
sup_late_days, sup_absent_days, sup_id, sup_emp_id,
save_edit_satt) VALUES';
foreach($attendenceArray['sup_payroll_type'] AS $key => $value){
$insertQuery .= '("'.$value.'","'.$attendenceArray['sup_month'][$key].'",

echo $insertQuery; // Query for insert

Please try below loop:-

$insertQuery = 'INSERT INTO attendence (sup_payroll_type, sup_month, sup_year,
sup_late_days, sup_absent_days, sup_id, sup_emp_id,
save_edit_satt) VALUES';
foreach($attendenceArray AS $key => $value){
$insertQuery .= '("'.$value['sup_payroll_type'].'","'.$value['sup_month'].'",
$insertQuery = rtrim($insertQuery,',');

$insertQuery contains ur insert query. $attendenceArray contains ur example array.

If ur using mysqli then used mysqli_query($mysqli,$insertQuery) to execute ur query. $mysqli is connection object.

i figured it out.

$ctr = 0;
foreach($_POST['sup_payroll_type'] as $row){

$upd_value = array();
$upd_value['sup_payroll_type'] = $_POST['sup_payroll_type'][$ctr];
$upd_value['sup_month'] = $_POST['sup_month'][$ctr];
$upd_value['sup_year'] = $_POST['sup_year'][$ctr];
$upd_value['sup_late_days'] = $_POST['sup_late_days'][$ctr];
$upd_value['sup_absent_days'] = $_POST['sup_absent_days'][$ctr];
$upd_value['sup_emp_id'] = $_POST['sup_emp_id'][$ctr];

$upd_result = $db_conn->mysql_update($upd_value,'tbl_attendance_support','sup_id='.$_POST['sup_id'][$ctr],'db_norkis');


BTW thanks Pankaj K and Shijin for sharing your idea =)

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