Mongodb: Select the top N rows from each group

I use mongodb for my blog platform, where users can create their own blogs. All entries from all blogs are in an entries collection. The document of an entry looks like:

{ 'blog_id':xxx, 'timestamp':xxx, 'title':xxx, 'content':xxx }

As the question says, is there any way to select, say, last 3 entries for each blog?

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The only way to do this in basic mongo if you can live with two things :

  • An additional field in your entry document, let's call it "age"
  • A new blog entry taking an additional update

If so, here's how you do it :

  1. Upon creating a new intro do your normal insert and then execute this update to increase the age of all posts (including the one you just inserted for this blog) :

    db.entries.update({blog_id: BLOG_ID}, {age:{$inc:1}}, false, true)

  2. When querying, use the following query which will return the most recent 3 entries for each blog :

    db.entries.find({age:{$lte:3}, timestamp:{$gte:STARTOFMONTH, $lt:ENDOFMONTH}}).sort({blog_id:1, age:1})

Note that this solution is actually concurrency safe (no entries with duplicate ages).

This answer using map reduce by drcosta from another question did the trick

In mongo, how do I use map reduce to get a group by ordered by most recent

mapper = function () {
emit(this.category, {top:[this.score]});

reducer = function (key, values) {
var scores = [];
function (obj) {
function (score) {
scores[scores.length] = score;
return {top:scores.slice(0, 3)};

function find_top_scores(categories) {
var query = [];
function (topscores) {
query[query.length] = {

It's possible with group (aggregation), but this will create a full-table scan.

Do you really need exactly 3 or can you set a limit...e.g.: max 3 posts from the last week/month?

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