MIT Kerberos - kpropd does nothing

I'm attempting to start kpropd on a CentOS box. It gives no status and doesn't start the process. The exit code is "1"

I started it in debug mode:

kpropd -d -S

It shows:

kpropd: Address already in use while binding listener socket

I don't see anything in netstat listening on port 754. The system is a VM and has only eth0 and lo. The krb5kdc is running correctly.

This is all local but I'll post the iptables entry anyway:

-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 754 -j ACCEPT

Any thoughts on what might be blocking the socket?

-------------Problems Reply------------

Well, it took some doing but there were two problems.

First, starting kpropd manually with -d -S, the socket was getting blocked by /sbin/portreserve. The port is normally released during the init script, so if you want to do this you have to stop portreserve temporarily, or release the port with /sbin/portrelease. Recommend not leaving portreserve off though, only disable to test.

service portreserve stop

The real issue was that I didn't have a kpropd.acl, or rather had it named wrong. Strange that "service" showed nothing, returned nothing. In any case, after creating the file kprop now inits correctly.


I had to hack up the /etc/init.d/kprop file quite a bit to figure that out.

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