Microsoft Interops Word Insert Comment into Table Cell Crash Word

i want open a word document programmatically using Microsoft.Interop.Word and insert a comment into a table cell. I have the start and End position of Range of the cell. (Range.Start \ Range.End)

Application.ActiveDocument.Select(); // select ative document Range rg = Application.Selection.Range; // get the range of the current selection (all document) if (rg.Tables.Count > 0) { Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Range rngTab = rg; //set the coordinate of the Range of the text rngTab.Start = startRng; rngTab.End = endRng; doc.ActiveWindow.Visible = true; rg.Select(); Application.ActiveDocument.Comments.Add(rngTab, ref commentText); }

When insert comment Word Crashes

-------------Problems Reply------------

I convert your code to pascal with some changes. It work fine, without error! See it

var WApplication:twordapplication; rg,rngTab:range;
WApplication := twordapplication.Create(form1);
rg:= WApplication.Selection.Range; // get the range of the current selection (all document)
rngTab:= rg;
//set the coordinate of the Range of the text
rngTab.Start:= 1;
rngTab.End_:= 2;
WApplication.ActiveDocument.Comments.Add(rngTab, commentText);// add comment to text
WApplication.ActiveDocument.Comments.Add(rngTab, commentText); // add comment to cell in the table

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