Methode Call twice inside LINQ Query

In our application we have a little query that looks like this:

var selectedAgents = from agent in listAgents where (this.collectionVehicles.GetVehicleByAgent(agent)).IsActive || (this.collectionVehicles.GetVehicleByAgent(agent)).IsSoldSinceCurrentSession select agent;

This works fine but the method GetVehicleByAgent is called two times and this is maybe not necessary.

Before LINQ we had a foreach-loop and did like this:

Vehicle parentVehicle = collectionVehicles.GetVehicleByAgent(agent); if (parentVehicle.IsActive || parentVehicle.IsSoldSinceCurrentSession) { selectedAgents.Add(agent); }

As you can see GetVehicleByAgent returns a Vehicle object and that can easiely compared more than once. So I am looking for a way the retieve the Vehicle inside the LINQ query and keep it. I don't want to call GetVehicleByAgent twice.

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You need to use the let clause, like this:

var selectedAgents =
from agent in listAgents
let parentVehicle = collectionVehicles.GetVehicleByAgent(agent)
where parentVehicle.IsActive || parentVehicle.IsSoldSinceCurrentSession
select agent;

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