Maven/junit project organization

I have three packages:

  • Foo provides a certain API
  • FooMySQL (depends on Foo) implements the Foo API using MySQL
  • FooPostgreSQL (depends on Foo) implements the Foo API using PostgreSQL

I have a bunch of junit tests, which should be run twice: once again FooMySQL, and once again FooPostgreSQL. They are the same tests, because the API should behave identically for both implementations, with only the setup and teardown slightly different.

Question: where should I define those tests? The most logical place appears to be in Foo. However, in Foo, they are not executable because Foo doesn't know of any implementation. I can put them into FooMySQL, but it appears I would have to have a full copy on FooPostgreSQL, as any "test" code defined in Foo cannot be referred to via the maven dependency mechanism from FooMySQL etc. (Is that correct, or perhaps I'm missing a trick?)

Alternatively I could create a separate FooTests project, which the FooMySQL and FooPostgreSQL tests could depend on. But that somehow sounds wrong, too. Is there a better idea?

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The first thing you should know is that what you should unit-test are your implementations. Always. I think you're leaning to that but I wasn't sure since you mentioned about testing Foo, I just want to make sure it's established.

So let's just do that without doing all the tests twice.

public abstract class FooTestBase {
protected abstract Foo getFoo();
@Test public void testBarMethod() {
// Do some tests calling getFoo().

public class FooMysqlTest extends FooTestBase {
@Before public void setUp() {
// Do stuff
@After public void tearDown() {
// Do stuff
@Override protected Foo getFoo() {
return new FooMysql();

public class FooPostgresqlTest extends FooTestBase {
@Before public void setUp() {
// Do stuff
@After public void tearDown() {
// Do stuff
@Override protected Foo getFoo() {
return new FooPostgresql();

Since you use Maven, by default FooTestBase will not be considered as a test class because it doesn't start with Test or ends with Test or TestCase. Therefore your tests will be centralized in FooTestBase and they will be executed in each child class.

Your tests will be written only once, and your setup/teardown will be specific to each implementation.

Just came across this:


This may solve my problem more elegantly; investigating.

Update: it works is it should!

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