Matching Line Boundaries in a Regular Expression (Pattern.MULTILINE/(?m)) is broken in Java?

The example on gives false for me twice but should'nt! Why?

CharSequence inputStr = "abc\ndef"; String patternStr = "abc$"; // Compile with multiline enabled Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(patternStr, Pattern.MULTILINE); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(inputStr); boolean matchFound = matcher.find(); // true // Use an inline modifier to enable multiline mode matchFound = pattern.matches(".*abc$.*", "abc\r\ndef"); // false System.out.println(matchFound); // false matchFound = pattern.matches("(?m).*abc$.*", "abc\r\ndef"); // true System.out.println(matchFound);// false !!!!!

Well, if I put an additionally (?s) it works, but shouldn't it work without the (?s)? Did this behaviour change in the past or didn't the authors simply check there example?

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First of all, is an extremely bad site: never ever assume anything found there as being "the truth".

In regex, the $ never matches a character, it matches a position. In (?m) mode, it matches the "empty string" before a line break, or the end of the string. So given the string "abc\r\ndef" the regex ".*abc$.*" does not match since the \r\n isn't present in your regex. The $ matches the position between c and \r.

What you should do is this:

System.out.println("abc\r\ndef".matches(".*abc$\r\n.*")); // false
System.out.println("abc\r\ndef".matches("(?m).*abc$\r\n.*")); // true

I'm not familiar with how community wiki works, but feel free to use this example if deemed useful.

Pattern.matches("(?m)^abc$\n^def$", "abc\ndef")
); // prints "true"

Pattern.matches("(?sm)^abc$.^def$", "abc\ndef")
); // prints "true"

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