Managing Future Non-Working Days in Project 2010

I have a template that will be used for multiple projects going forward. This template includes a resource table for our team and a calendar that has been updated with all company holidays and known non-working (vacation) days for each resource. Once multiple projects have been created from this template, how do we go about updating new non-working days as they become known? Will each project have to be updated separately, or is there a way to do this through the original template and refresh the projects created from it? We are trying to avoid having to update many projects each time a resource takes a vacation day.

Thank you!

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I hesitate to suggest using a Resource Pool but that is exactly what will allow you to have a central source file for changes to resource calendars. With a resource pool, each of your projects uses resources from the central pool. You will also have the advantage of creating views and reports for those resources across all projects.

The reason I hesitate to suggest a pool structure is that it is a linked structure and can therefore be subject to corruption if not created and managed with the utmost discipline.

Short of a linked pool file structure the only other way I can see to update resource calendar changes is to make the change in your template file and then use the Organizer to transfer the new calendar to each project. This could be automated with some VBA.

Hope this helps.



It is noteworthy to specify here that you will not see any resource calendar in the Organizer, so you will have to define these calendars as base calendars (New calendar in Change working time)

Hope this helps


I didn't think so either but then I did a quick test and indeed the custom resource calendar does appear in the organizer such that it can be copied to other files.


Hi John,

Glad it does for you but it doesn't for me. Organizer only shows base calendars. To be precise the resource(s) use standard as a base calendar and are individualised from there.



Interesting. Which version of Project are you using? I did my test with Project Pro SP2 and the April 2014 cumulative update.

Just for interest I also ran a test using Project 2007 SP3 and got the same result, that is, I can create a resource calendar that appears in the Calendars tab of the Organizer such that I can copy it to the Global file.

To be precise, I created a custom resource calendar based on the Standard calendar. For example, I have a resource named Joe. I created a calendar called "Joe calendar" and gave Joe a vacation the week of July 14 through July 18 via an exception. On the Resource Sheet I selected Joe calendar as the resource calendar. When I assigned Joe to a 20d task starting July 1st the Resource Usage view shows no work assigned for Joe during the week of vacation, as expected. In the Organizer I selected the Calendar tab, selected the Joe calendar and copied it to my Global. I then closed the test file and opened a new project file. Using the Organizer, I transferred the Joe calendar from the Global to my new file. I set up a resource and set that resource's calendar to the Joe calendar. Again, when I assign that resource to a task, it shows no work during the vacation week.

You are a very experienced Project user, probably more so than me, I can't believe this doesn't work for you. Are we maybe talking about different things?


Hi John,

But you don't show "a resource calendar" in the Organizer, what you see is the BASE CALENDAR Joe's Calendar!! When you say "I created a calendar" that means this calendar is a base calendar. The fact that after that you assign it to a resource doesn't change its nature. For instance you could just as well have used Joe's calendar as a project calendar or a task calendar.

A resource calendar is created completely differently. Then you don't change (necessarily) the resource(s )base calendar but instead you look for the resource's name in the selection list of Change Working Time - it is there automatically from the moment you create the resource!! You can update that at will ut it will NOT appear in the organizer. Also, you can't use it elsewhere (as a project calendar nor as a task calendar); it is only and exclusively the resoruce's calendar.



As usual you are right, I mis-used the term "custom resource calendar". Thank you for pointing out my error in terminology

Nonetheless rolling back to the poster's original issue, he/she wants a way to more easily update calendars for resources such that they can be easily flowed out to each project from the template. Unless you see a better solution, I believe my method will allow he/she to do that, in the absence of a resource pool file, will it not?


John, your methode is right: going back to my first reply, I only Wanted to wa'rn for a misunderstanding tdue to as you call it, a misuse of the term Resource Calendar. Greetings,

One solution I've created for a client of mine is that they export all approved annual leave from their ERP system to Excel. I created a macro that each PM runs that reads the leave spreadsheet and updates the resource and standard calendar if they exist in the project.

This works well and can also be done via SQL Server.

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