MAC Bridge Miniport - Packet Scheduler Miniport not working (code 31) in Windows 7

MAC Bridge Miniport - Packet Scheduler Miniport not working (code 31). How to find an update driver when none is listed in Windows Update Catalog ?

*original title - Find Microsoft provided drivers not in Windows Update Catalog*

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Hi Allen Nieber,

Please see the following post with a similar issue and possible fix:

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I know this is an old thread, but I have the same code and the link provided above is not one that resolves this mac bridge error. The link provides a solution for reinstalling the missing hardware that is used for the mac bridge. None of the hardware is missing but the Mac Bridge has (Code 31) and a yellow exclamation mark.

My particular problem is that the wireless connection that i have setup keeps showing no internet.

I have an HP wireless N card that and a Wired Lan card that I have created a bridge in Windows 7's adapter options. The wireless is the actual connection to my router, the wired is connected to my xbox so I can run it as a windows media extender. It always has worked up until recently that the internet disconnects randomly. The macbridge has always had the error code, but worked as well. Recently though when the internet cuts out the media center stops functioning properly. I have tried updating the Mac Bridge Miniport driver but when it goes to install it says that windows had a problem installing the new drivers, and to contact the manufacturer. Since the mac bridge is created in windows 7 I guess that means microsoft.

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