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i wants to get a data using linq to SQL. I used for each like this is there is another way to get query data without for each .basically i wants to get from query without using for each loop because i know there is one object no need to used loop for it.

var query=from d in db.table where select new {}; foreach (var item in query) { string; }

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Looks like you want only the first name, you don't need an anoymous type here, you can just use FirstOrDefault like this:

db.table.Where(d => == 2).Select(d =>;

This will return the name of the first record with id 2 or return null if there is no such record.

If you want all names use ToList instead of FirstOrDefault

You can use FirstOrDefault with your code like this (if is a string):

var query=(from d in db.table

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