LINQ: How to exclude data columns from DataTable.ItemArray query?

Given a collection of data rows, IEnumerable of type DataRow, how can I query the collection so as to compute the Sum all the values in the collection (i.e. all the values of all the columns in all the rows) with the exception of two specific columns? I know only two columns prior to run time and those are the two I want to exclude. All the others I want included in the sum.

There is a extension method which will give me a specific field, e.g. Field<T>("Foo") but what I really need is the ability to say sum all the fields except field X, Y and Z.

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You can use more LINQ:

DataColumn[] unwantedColumns = { table.Column1, ... };

var sum = table.Columns.Cast<DataColumn>()
.Select(c => row.Field<int>(c))

I don't think you can modify the columns a DataRow has. You can modify the columns of a DataTable though.

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