LINQ C# Creating Dictionary of Dictionaries using GroupBy

I can't seem to find a solution to this, and the error message is not very helpful.

I have a DataTable:

iGuid, iDateTime, iDecimal

I want to create a Dictionary of Dictionaries, such that...

iGuid -> iDateTime -> iDecimal.

For example.

Guid1, Monday, 4 Guid1, Tuesday, 4 Guid1, Friday, 1 Guid2, Monday, 1 Guid2, Tuesday, 1

Now I want this to be made into a dictionary with the key of iGuid, and the value another Dictionary with the key of iDateTime, and the value of iDecimal.

My code right now is:

Dictionary<Guid, Dictionary<DateTime, decimal>> val = iDataTable.OfType<CustomDataRow>().GroupBy(r => new { r.iGuid } ) .ToDictionary<Guid, Dictionary<DateTime, decimal>>( row => row.Key.iGuid, child => child.ToDictionary<DateTime, decimal>(subKey => subKey.iDateTime, subVal => subVal.iDecimal));

I have to return this typed, as I need to use it in other functions (If I throw a var in front of it, it's fine).

-------------Problems Reply------------

The problem with your implementation is the wrong usage of the method:

public static Dictionary<TKey, TSource> ToDictionary<TSource, TKey>(
this IEnumerable<TSource> source,
Func<TSource, TKey> keySelector

As you can see the types specified in this call is not the expected return type of the dictionary.

Since you are not using the source (CustomDataRow) as the value Type of your dictionary, you cannot use this signature.

This one should do the job:

Dictionary<Guid, Dictionary<DateTime, decimal>> val =
.GroupBy(r => r.iGuid)
.ToDictionary(group => group.Key,
group => group.ToDictionary(dataRow => dataRow.iDateTime,
dataRow => dataRow.iDecimal));

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