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I am hoping someone can tell me how to change my Excel settings such that my files automatically update links to information in other files (I think that is technically an external link, although I am not sure). I run the 2010 version of Excel, but have a number of spreadsheet files that are saved as 2003 version files (and I don’t want to convert them to a more recent version for various reasons).

I suspect that this problem has something to do with automatic updates (a matter for which I haven’t found information in the Excel Help system) or possibly a “Trust” issue – yet another matter that confuses me when I try to learn about it.

Specifics: I have a folder on my desk top that contains a number of other folders and Excel files (mainly 2003 version files, but some are in the current format, as well). The files in these folders represent a web of interlinked documents where they rely on information in each other.

I changed the value in a master file (2003 version) and other spreadsheets linked to that value didn’t automatically update – it’s almost as they were dormant. I could see the path to the correct spreadsheet and cell in the formula, but the cell wasn’t responding to the change in value.

However, if I manually went into the formula and rebuilt it, i.e. re-established the link, the formula was active once again. So know I am nervous that my system of interlinked files will only partially update when I open them up for use – I can no longer trust the end results of the system to be a correct and updated value. The short of it is that I am hoping someone can tell me how to change my Excel settings such that my file automatically update.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you have both the master workbook and another workbook open at the same time and you update the master, will the non-master see the change??
No - the non-master will not automatically update even if they are open simultaneously. However, after I rebuild the link between the files the non-master will update automatically when I change a value in the master. However, once I close the documents and reopen them I have the original problem again.

When I open these files a window box pops up asking me if I want to update the files (and I click "OK") but the next window box tells me that some links can't be update (with little additional information).

Previously (I have been using these files for a few years now) I have not experienced this issue - so I suspect something has accidentally been changed in my settings, although I don't know what.

O.K. I have 2007, but this may help.. In the non-master, go to the Data tab and in the Connection group, click on Edit Links and check the settings there.
Thanks for the idea. I checked the "edit links" item and it says every external link in the document was already set to automatic (A). So I don't think that is the issue.

I have now the same problem. There seems to be some dependencies in updating external links.

I have a link to a ordinary table with a lookup function that won't update until the specific file is opened.

I have also a link to a file; a ordinary cell reference, that won't be updated until I save the file to which I refer and update the formula in the reffering cell!

Might there be some dependency in regard to some functions or the saving of files? Any other ideas somebody?

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