link_to and other view helpers not included with EJS (bundled with Express) for Node.js?

I've set up a nodeJS server using the Express web framework, using the EJS template engine.

When I try to use the EJS link_to view helper inside a view, I get a reference error. Is this because I am doing something wrong, or are the view helpers just not included?

I've tried the following

<# link_to("...", "...") #> <#= link_to("...", "...") #> <#- link_to("...", "...") #>

Note: I've configured custom tags for EJS...

server.configure(function () { this.set("view engine", "ejs"); this.set("view options", { open: "<#", close: "#>" }); });

-------------Problems Reply------------

Add , that should solve the problem..

Had some problems with their : require('express-helpers').all function though, rolled my own. Besides that it works fine.

try :

var helpers = require('express-helpers')

and then


in your app.js if still not working, try <%- link_to instead of <%= link_to

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