LIMIT the mysql record using Pagination Limit

I need to display maximum 20 pages and each page has 10 posts that means I need to limit 200 records in MySQL query am using this code.

$sql = "SELECT title FROM $tbl_name ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 200 $start, $limit";

start and limit is using for pagination page limit, but it doesn't work.

-------------Problems Reply------------

You cannot have LIMIT 200, and then also limit 10 in these as well.

$sql = "SELECT title FROM $tbl_name ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT $start, $limit";

This will limit it to whatever $limit is, and start at whatever index $start is.

If you really need to limit it to 200 rows, and then have pagination within these, you should either do it in PHP, or create a MySQL View.

If you need only 10 records per request you should:

$sql = "SELECT title FROM $tbl_name ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT $start, 10";

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