Learning Express for Node.js

Anyone have pointers to good resources for learning Express? I'm aware of the documentation and the nodetuts.com videos. Curious if there are any other good resources out there.

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If I would do it all over again with learning Express, this is how:

  • First of all, read their online documentation.
  • After that look at the examples from the github repositories, that'll show you how to use Express in many situations.
  • Checkout the nodetuts.com website, it's very helpful
  • When you are trying to build a bigger application, then you should check out this other stackoverflow question on how to structure your app.js file.
  • Alex Young has a series of tutorials on how to build a web app with Node (and he's using Express). The app is called Nodepad ; link for the tutorials: http://dailyjs.com/tags.html#express
  • If you are going to use Express with Socket.IO you might useful the article on how to handle sessions and scaling between the two.

Other useful links:

  • The ebook Node Web Development also has some parts dedicated to Express.
  • http://howtonode.org/getting-started-with-express
  • http://howtonode.org/express-mongodb
  • http://shapeshed.com/journal/creating-a-basic-site-with-node-and-express/
  • http://www.ianwootten.co.uk/2011/02/07/blog-rolling-with-couchdb-express-and-node-js
  • http://www.giantflyingsaucer.com/blog/?p=1311

The best resource is the examples in the express Github repository. That's if you're comfortable reading JavaScript source code. The online documentation also contains some helpful pointers, but you'll get more from reading code.

I've found some tutorials about node.js and express, hope these are helpful.

  • http://shapeshed.com/journal/creating-a-basic-site-with-node-and-express/
  • http://howtonode.org/express-mongodb
  • http://dailyjs.com/2010/11/01/node-tutorial/
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