kohana 3.3 lighttpd (Palapa WEB server) on tabletpc with Android

Could someone help me with lighttpd.config ? I tried to start my web project with Kohana-3.3 PHP framework on an Android 4.4.2 tablet PC, but after some days I have just started framework and it begins to work, but my CSS files are still unavailable.

So, I installed Palapa web server and inserted one line into the default lighthttpsd.config file:

url.rewrite-once = ("^/kohana/(.*)$" => "kohana/index.php/$1")

After that the framework began to work.
Links like: "" and "" work perfectly, but I have an unavailable CSS file and I surmise... js too.
On debug I tried top open some of the CSS files - but Kohana gives me this error:

HTTP_Exception_404 [ 404 ]: Unable to find a route to match the URI: assets/js/default/jquery-ui-1.11.4.custom/jquery-ui.css

...seems I have to rewrite any subfolder or files containing css,files,tmp or js in it's url back to the webroot, but "(css|files|img|js)/(.*)" => "/$1/$2" does not works for me

How can I solve this?

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