Junk mail in inbox despite exclusive filter.

Over the last week I have been getting an increasing amount of 'junk' emails (mainly PPI related) into my inbox, however my junk filter is set to exclusive. So it should go into my junk folder.

I am marking them as junk and sweeping them too.

Could my account have been hacked?

Is there another reason how junk email is slipping through the net?

How do I stop junk coming into my inbox?

How can I tell if my account has been hacked?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi BelleWell,

We appreciate your time posting in Microsoft Community. For us to investigate and provide the correct resolution, we will be needing your affected email address at the private message area. Please click on "You have a private reply to this message" link just above your post to view the message. Note that you need to be signed in to the Microsoft Community to view the link.


There is a new wrinkle to spammers. They are sending blank "from" lines thereby bypassing filters. You should also check to see that your email is not in the "from" line because of course you are in your contact list (called spoofing).

You can check by replying to all. If there is a blank entry that may be the problem. if this is the case you can set up a rule where the FROM DOES NOT contain "@" then move to junk or delete. All valid email addresses contain the "@" symbol.

Several users (but not all) have reported this works.

Hello BelleWell,

Thank you for posting back. I've checked your account and verified that everything is working fine on our database. In addition to MVP ZigZag3143's post, if they are using certain words on the subject or their name, you can create a Custom Filter or Rules to avoid receiving their email. Refer to the steps below on how to do this:

1. Sign in to Outlook.com.

2. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner beside your name.

3. Select More mail settings.

4. Under Customizing Outlook, click Rules for sorting new messages.

5. Click New.

6. For this step you will be asked to setup your rule.

7. Under Step 1: Which messages do you want this rule to apply to?

Choose the condition that you want to apply, 3 fields are required for this step. In the first field when you click the drop down button you have,

- Sender's address, Sender's name, To /cc address, Subject and Messages has attachments.

- On the second field you have is, contains, contains word, does not contain, begins with, ends with.

- On the third field you will enter the word that can conclude the action of the 2 fields (for example Sender's name, is, Hotmail/Outlook.com Team).

8. Under Step 2: What action do you want to apply? Select the action for your desired settings.

9. Click Save.

In addition, kindly follow the below guidelines/measures on how you can avoid/prevent receiving junk, spam or unwanted emails going to you Inbox:

  • Never respond to unsolicited email/spam.
  • Never sign up for untrusted websites.
  • Avoid displaying your email addresses in public places.
  • Don't click on Ads or any links that you didn't trust.
  • Don't sign in from a computer you don't trust.

With regard to your other concern "How can I tell if my account has been hacked?", we have a support team who can provide you the IP history of your account. To reach them, submit a question from this link.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

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