jquery validate input but use id for indentifying fields

I have fields in following format:

<input type="text" name="cities[]" id="city_zip1"/> <input type="text" name="cities[]" id="city_zip2"/> <input type="text" name="cities[]" id="city_zip3"/>

Is there a way to make first one required by validate plugin, but to leave name as it is? Or to make one of these three required, but to leave name as it is.

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Done on click for example. Can be done on submit.

$("#checkforvalue").click(function(e) {
if ($("input#place_of_services:checked").val()) {
var zipentered = false;
$("input[id^='city_zip']").each(function() {
if ($(this).val().length) {
zipentered = true;

if (zipentered) {
alert("value in one of the fields");
} else {
alert("no value entered");

js fiddle example

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