Jquery select events

i am working with a select. I want to trigger and event when the user select a value.

I am using the event "change", the problem is that if a user open the select but choose the same option that is selected, the triggers doesn't fire.

Is there a way to capture the event when a user select an option independently if the option is the same than is the one that was selected?


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I'm not sure whether it's a cross-browser solution but something like this:

$("#mySelect option").click(function() {
// do sth

Works well in Opera/Firefox.

You can catch both the change and click events using the bind method. This should allow you to catch most keyboard and mouse interactions

$('selector').bind('click change',function() {})

I think the option you need is "click" instead of change.

I'm not sure this is what you need. It is not the answer but a trick.

In my case, i change the value of select box after get value of it.

$("selector").on('change', function() {
var selectedValue = $(this).val().trim();
if (selectedValue == 'EXPECTED_VALUE') {
//do somethings
//change the value, so next time when you choose same option
//again the change event can be trigger

The OTHER_VALUE may be is EXPECTED_VALUE with an extra space. Example: EXPECTED_VALUE = 'foo' then OTHER_VALUE = 'foo '. So you get same value when you get selectedValue by

var selectedValue = $(this).val().trim();

I just want to comment but i have not enough reputation :D


if($(this).val() == "week"){
//trigger here
<select id="selectID">

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