jQuery scrollTo plugin problem. Nothing's moving?

I'm having real trouble trying to get a div to scroll on a page I'm building.

I basically have a div element, which has a much wider div inside that I want to scroll along to show different areas, and as such change the content. Basically a tab slider but a little different.

I've set it up currently to work on hover of the div in question, the event triggers but nothing happens. Please help!.

The URL is: http://ram.grtest.com/ and click 'Join'. Hover over the content in there and the event should trigger. Don't click 'Next >' - that submits a form!

Here's the initialisation (test data, i'll adjust the amount of movement later)

$('#join-content').hover(function(){ $('#join-wrapper-scroll').scrollTo({axis: 'x',left:'+=100'}, 2000); return false; });

Thanks in advance!

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Does #join-wrapper-scroll have an inside layer before the content? I.e.

<div id="join-wrapper-scroll">
<ul> <!-- inner layer -->
<li>Content that scrolls.</li>
<li>Content that scrolls.</li>

You need an "inner layer" or else the plugin won't understand what it's scrolling.

I think you want to use animate:

$("#join-wrapper-scroll").animate({"left": "-=600"}, 1000);

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