JQuery: removing char from a String / selecting

I would like to select only one class from severals with the condition that the selected class has any div-descendant with the id "#exampleId".

I thought something like this could work, but it didn't:


The second problem: I have to get rid first of the hash "#". because the String (#exampleId) has been generated dynamically... It looks something like this:

var myString = "#exampleId"

And the following approach didn't work:


Thanks in advance

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You could just pass the ID in the selector for has(). No need to remove the # either.


Or even do it in one selector:


You already accepted an answer, but I'll throw this one out there anyway.

If you have more than a few .myClass elements on the page, it would probably be more efficient to select the #exampleId first, then traverse up to the first .myClass using parents().


Or if the ID was in a variable, do this:

var myString = "#exampleId";


These will give you the first parent of the #exampleId that has .myClass.

You could use .closest('.myClass') if you want as well.

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