jquery / JavaScript replace xth occurance

I have a string like this :

var str = "A A A A A";

how do I replace a specific A with something else ?

Eg: replace 3rd A to :

var str = "A A 00 A A";

Of the 1st, 2nd, etc.. ?


-------------Problems Reply------------

I would split the str, replace whatever index, then join back

var str = "A A A A A";
var sp=str.split(' ');
var ind=2;
console.log(sp.join(' '));

I prefer to use regular expression, here is the answer:

newValue = str.replace(/(([^A]*A){2}[^A]*)A/g, '$100');

Notes: {2} is the number of the occurrence we want to replace.

$100 here we specify which is the new string we want to place after the $1

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