jQuery change elements within div

I'm stuck with this kinda stupid problem. I saw examples of my problem, but it seems I can't find correct loop. In any case, I'll better provide examples:

<table border="1" id="inline" class="<?=$id?>" style="background:none;"> <tr id="border<?=$id?>"> <td rowspan="2" style="max-width:420; width:420" valign="top"> <form id="feedback<?=$id?>" <? if(!$check){?>style="display:none"<? }?>> <textarea cols="40" class="editor" id="editor<?=$id?>" name="editor1" rows="10"><?=$text?></textarea> <table style="background:none"><tr><td><input type="button" value="Save" id="submit<?=$id?>"></td><td><img id="spinner<?=$id?>" height="25" style="display:none"></td></tr></table> </form> <div id="content<?=$id?>"<? if($check){?> style="display:none"<? }?>><?=$text?></div> </td> <td style="border-width:0"> Title:<br> <div id="title_div<?=$id?>"<? if($check){?> style="display:none"<? }?>><?=$title?></div><input type="text" id="title<?=$id?>" value="<?=$title?>"<? if(!$check){?> style="display:none"<? }?>> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="border-width:0" valign="top"> <div id="uploader<?=$id?>"<? if(!empty($img)){?> style="display:none<? }?>"> <input id="upload<?=$id?>" name="upload" type="file" /> </div> <div id="div_holder<?=$id?>"> <? draw_buttons($id);?> <a title="<?=$title?>" <? if(!empty($img)){?> href="images/people/<?=$img?>"<? }?> id="feedback_img<?=$id?>" class="lightbox"><img border="0"<? if(!empty($img)){?> src="images/people/timthumb.php?src=<?=$img?>&w=200&q=100"<? }else{?> style="display:none"<? }?> id="img_holder<?=$id?>"></a></div><img id="jcrop<?=$id?>" style="display:none" /> </td> </tr> </table>

This is a part of my php script where $id is taken from database. Ids are numeric, so all table ids differ only with a number, eg.:

<tr id="border1"> //next table tr <tr id="border2">

All tables are taken from database and shown within a loop. Ids can be deleted, so their order could be 1,3,4,6 and so on. But there's one hidden table with known $id = 'zero', eg.:

<tr id="borderzero">

There's also div element with id zero, within which shown above table is situated. So my problem is - I need to change id of each element within that div with id zero, eg.:

<tr id="borderzero"> //change to <tr id="border5">

Of course I can just type them one by one, but I'm trying with the .each function, though I fail and I hope I'll get some help. Here's what I came with:

$("div#zero").clone().attr({'id' : feedback_id}).appendTo("#temp_holder").fadeIn('slow'); $('#' + feedback_id + ":not(td)").contents().each(function() { if($("[id*='zero']").length > 0){ var new_id = $(this).attr('id'); new_id = new_id.replace('zero', some_id); $(this).attr({'id' : new_id}); } });

Var feedback_id through ajax taken from database and it's value is last table id +1.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Try replacing this:

if($("[id*='zero']").length > 0)

with this:

if( this.id.match(/zero$/ig) )

Okay I found a way to actually get all the elements. First answer was helpful, thank you, but also had to change .contents() to .find('*'). So the working script looks like this if somebody would require it:

$("div#zero").clone().attr({'id' : feedback_id}).appendTo("#temp_holder").fadeIn('slow');
$('#' + feedback_id + ":not(td)").find('*').each(function() {
var new_id = $(this).attr('id');
new_id = new_id.replace('zero', some_id);
$(this).attr({'id' : new_id});

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