Join strings with XML node between in scala

I have a list of strings and I need to join them together with <br/> tags in between. So starting from:

val list = List("line1", "line2", "line3")

I need to end up with a NodeSeq of:


It's possible the list contains only one element, in which case I should end up with a NodeSeq just of Text("line1").

Is there a one-liner to do this, using one of the higher order functions on list? I've tried to play around with foldLeft but can't seem to get it to do what I want.

-------------Problems Reply------------ ++ <br /> ++ _)

Note that we have to widen the type to scala.xml.NodeSeq manually as Text is too restrictive for the reduce method. The more concise ++ <br /> ++ _)

won’t compile.

If you don't mind using Scalaz, there's intersperse:

import scalaz._
import Scalaz._ xml.Node).intersperse(<br/>): xml.NodeSeq

Agree with what Debilski has answered. Just another way of achieving the same is,

import scala.xml._

XML.loadString("<root>" + list.mkString("<br/>") + "</root>").child:NodeSeq

But using map/reduce is a much cleaner approach.

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