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I have quite a large IF statement which needs to update another form element depending on which scenarion only Its not working, By not working I mean its not updating the form element nor executing any more code in that statement.

My code is...

window.onload = function() { new Dragdealer('magnifier', { steps: 10, snap: true, callback: function(value) { if(value == 0) { alert('1'); } else if(value == 0.1111111111111111) { alert('2'); } else if(value == 0.2222222222222222) { alert('3'); } else if(value == 0.3333333333333333) { alert('4'); } else if(value == 0.4444444444444444) { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '5'; alert('5'); } else if(value == 0.5555555555555556) { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '6'; alert('6'); } else if(value == 0.6666666666666666) { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '7'; alert('7'); } else if(value == 0.7777777777777778) { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '8'; alert('8'); } else if(value == 0.8888888888888888) { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '9'; alert('9'); } else { document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '10'; alert ('10'); } } }); }

and the input...

<input type="text" value="<?php echo $user_curr_coff;?>" name="coff_upd" id="coff_upd" />

-------------Problems Reply------------

Don't know if you cut and pasted your code but: document.getElementById(coff_upd).value = '5'; won't work as js is looking for a variable named coff_upd. You need to put quotes around it: document.getElementById("coff_upd").value = '5';

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