Javascript Regex partial matching

I'm looking for a simple javascript regex that should match strings like

AAAA(abcd,6) AAAA(WXYZ,2)

but should not match strings like


I've come up withe the regex


but it matches all three of above.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

-------------Problems Reply------------

That's because .* will match anything including ,6 Replace . with [^,] (any char but comma)


Depending on exactly what you want to match you could use something like


  • A{4} matches the character A exactly 4 times.
  • \( matches the character (
  • [a-zA-Z]{4} matches any lower or upper case character from a to z exactly 4 times.
  • , matches the character ,
  • \d matches a digit.
  • \) matches the character )

You could of course modify it to suit your needs, I recommend testing for instance at regex101 since it gives you instant feedback when you enter a regular expression.

var regex = /AAAA\([a-z]*,\d\)/i;

regex.test("AAAA(abcd,6)") => true;

regex.test("AAAA(WXYZ,2)") => true;

regex.test("AAAA(abcd,6,9)") => false;

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