Javascript is not positioned correctly

I'm having problems with my javascript. I have to colocate an image in a specific position. The user gives me a date and I put an image for the correct month of the year. For example if they put 01/05/1936, an image appears on a table in the row "1936" on the colummn "5" , so I have 2, each one for the years an another for the months. The month is correct but it puts the image in all rows, and I don't know why, here is my code:

On the HTML part I only have a table with id="tabla" and 2 rows one with id="1935" and the other with id="1936", each td has the class of the correct month:

<tr id="1935"> <th>1935</th> <td class="E"></td> <td class="F"></td> <td class="M"></td> <td class="A"></td> <td class="Y"></td> <td class="J"></td> <td class="L"></td> <td class="G"></td> <td class="S"></td> <td class="O"></td> <td class="N"></td> <td class="D"></td> </tr> <tr id="1936"> <th >1936</th> <td class="E"></td> <td class="F"></td> <td class="M"></td> <td class="A"></td> <td class="Y"></td> <td class="J"></td> <td class="L"></td> <td class="G"></td> <td class="S"></td> <td class="O"></td> <td class="N"></td> <td class="D"></td> </tr>

` Javascript code

var filas=document.getElementById("tabla").rows.length;//I count the rows, years var cols = $("#tabla").find('tr')[0].cells.length;//I count the td, months $("tr").each(function(a){ var fila= $(this); alert("Primer alert"+fila.attr("id")); if (fila.attr("id")==anio) { $("td").each(function(a) { var col=$(this); alert("segundo alert"+col.attr("class")); if (col.attr("class")==mon) { $(this).prepend('<img id="black_point" src="./images/circle.png"/>'); } }); } });`

-------------Problems Reply------------

With jQuery, looping can very often be avoided.

As far as I can tell, you can select the correct table cell with a single jQuery selector ...

function foo(anio, mon) {
$('#' + anio + ' .' + mon).prepend('<img id="black_point" src="./images/circle.png"/>');

Please note that I have assumed a function wrapper not shown in the question.

You're going through all tds not only the ones inside that tr, so you need to change:




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