Javascript in PHP file which outputs JSON

Is there a way to use Javascript code inside a PHP file that uses header('Content-Type: application/json'); to output in JSON format?

EDIT: I'm trying to change the color of a css class when $est = 'Crest'but I get the javascript code printed along. Javascript part is inside comment /*HERE*/

<?php header('Content-Type: application/json'); $vs=array(); $vs1=array(); include("json/connectorcl.php"); if ((isset ($_GET['ty'])) and (isset ($_GET['est']))){ $nprocesso = $_GET['ty']; $est = $_GET['est']; if ($est == 'Crest') { $query2 = "SELECT * FROM PATERN WHERE CREST='1'"; $result2 = oci_parse($connect, $query2); oci_execute($result2); /*HERE*/ echo "<script type='text/javascript'> $('.time-title').css({'color':'blue'});</script>"; /*HERE*/ } ELSE { $query2 = "SELECT * FROM PATERN"; $result2 = oci_parse($connect, $query2); oci_execute($result2); } while($res2 = oci_fetch_array($result2) AND $res5 = oci_fetch_array($result5)) { $a++; $vs['id']= $a; $vs['title']='VS - '.$res2['CATEGORIA_DESC']; $vs['startdate']=$res2['DATAMSG']; $vs['enddate']=$res2['DATAMSG']; $vs['description']= '1ºH - '.$res2['VALOR'].'| MAX - '.$res5['MAXVAL'].'| MIN - '.$res5['MINVAL'].'| AVG - '.$res5['AVGVAL']; $vs['date_display']='ho'; $vs['icon']='plus_blue.png'; $vs['importance']='30'; $b=$a; array_push($vs1,$vs); } echo str_replace(array('[', ']'), '', htmlspecialchars(json_encode($vs1), ENT_NOQUOTES));}}

-------------Problems Reply------------

If i understand you question right, yes you can.

Example, json.php

header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo json_encode(array('text' => 'im json baby'));

header('Content-Type: application/json');

echo json_encode(array('text' => CONTENT_TO_BE_FETCHED));

But if you want to change the color of the css, try something like this :

$vs['css']= 'blue';

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