Javascript : Change Div Length

I want to change the div length and am using this code but it's not working. Please help me out. I am doing this through javascript.

function upBig() { var len = document.getElementById('div'); var h = parseInt(; var a = 10; = h-a+"px"; }

-------------Problems Reply------------

function upBig(id,ud) {
var div=document.getElementById(id);
var h=parseInt(;
if (h>=1){ = h + "px";

<div style="background:red;height:250px" id="div">HELLO 250px</div>
<input type="button" value="- 10 px" onclick="upBig('div', -10);">
<input type="button" value="+ 10 px" onclick="upBig('div', +10);">


Note : you can change the values of course by what you want

The height property returns value in px so this should work = (parseInt(h)-a)+"px";

function upBig() {
var e = document.querySelector('#div'); // Newer browsers only... = (parseInt( || e.clientHeight(), 10) - 10).toString() + 'px';

Your code didn't work, since only reads the height if it is set in the elements style attribute, which is often not the case. clientHeight() get's what is actually the height of the element as shown to the user.

function upBig()
var div=document.getElementById('div');
var a = 10;

var h=parseInt(; = h + "em"; // I'm using "em" instead of "px", but you can use px like measure...

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