Javascript, advancing date range

I using a date-picker to set a start and end date. The date range is supposed to move forward each day for a two week, sliding window of entry.

My code below works but I would like to refactor it into something that is easier to maintain. What techniques or tools can I use to improve this code?

var challenge_start = new Date(2015,04,04); var challenge_end = new Date(2015,06,12); var range_start; var range_end; var today = new Date(); var dd = today.getDate(); var mm = today.getMonth()+1; //January is 0! var yyyy = today.getFullYear(); if(today<challenge_start) { range_start=challenge_start; range_end=challenge_start; } else if(today>challenge_start && today<challenge_end) { if(mm==5) { if(dd<18) { range_start=challenge_start; range_end=today; } else { range_start=today.setDate(today.getDate()-14); range_end=today; } } else if(mm=6) { if(dd<29) { range_start=today.setDate(today.getDate()-14); range_end=today; } else { range_start=today.setDate(today.getDate()-14); range_end=challenge_end; } } else if(mm==7) { if(dd<12) { range_start=today.setDate(today.getDate()-14); range_end=challenge_end; } else { range_start=challenge_end; range_end=challenge_end; } } } else if(today>challenge_end) { range_start=challenge_end; range_end=challenge_end; } $("#date").datepicker({ startDate: range_start, endDate: range_end, keyboardNavigation: false, autoclose: true, todayHighlight: true, language: langdate, disableTouchKeyboard: true });

-------------Problems Reply------------

I may not understand what you are striving for, but I'm pretty sure you don't need to have those if(mm==x) and if(dd=x) statements.

Perhaps this is what you want:

var challenge_start = new Date(2015,04,04);
var challenge_end = new Date(2015,06,12);

function getDatePlusDays(origDate, days) {
var date = new Date(origDate.getTime());
date.setDate(date.getDate() + days);
return date;

function getClosestDateInRange(startDate, endDate, date) {
return (date < startDate) ? startDate
: ((date > endDate) ? endDate: date);

var today = new Date();
var range_start = getClosestDateInRange(challenge_start, challenge_end, getDatePlusDays(today, -14));
var range_end = getClosestDateInRange(challenge_start, challenge_end, today);


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