Java Stack Overflow Error

I'm trying to program a GCD algorithm and everything seems to be correct except the StackOverflowError. Here is the code:

public class Gcd { public static BigInteger gcdNaive(BigInteger a, BigInteger b) { int res = a.compareTo(b); if ( res == 0 ) { BigInteger g = a; return g; } else if ( res == 1 ) { BigInteger h = a.subtract(b); a = h; return gcdNaive(a, b); } else if ( res == -1 ) { BigInteger g = b.subtract(a); b = g; return gcdNaive(a, b); } return BigInteger.ZERO; } public static BigInteger gcdEuclid(BigInteger a, BigInteger b) { if( b == BigInteger.ZERO ) { BigInteger g = a; return g; } else if ( b != BigInteger.ZERO ) { BigInteger g = b; BigInteger h = a.mod(b); a = g; b = h; return gcdEuclid(a, b); } return BigInteger.ZERO; } }


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StackOverflowError at Gcd.gcdNaive( at Gcd.gcdNaive(

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The solution for gcdNaive is:

public static BigInteger gcdNaive(BigInteger a, BigInteger b) {
int res = a.compareTo(b);

if(res == 0)
return b;

if(res == 1)
a = a.subtract(b);
return gcdNaive(a, b);
b = b.subtract(a);
return gcdNaive(a, b);

The complete solution for gcdEuclid is

public static BigInteger gcdEuclid(BigInteger a, BigInteger b) {

if(b == BigInteger.ZERO)
return a;

return gcdEuclid(b, a.mod(b));

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