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am I still very new to java, only had one semester of it. I have my first internship and it isn't a programming internship, just a general IT internship Since it was only my first semester. My boss does not know Java, nor does anyone in the building. He knew I had some basic programming experience and told me to take a stab at the problem he is having. He has a report that is saved and the very last line, the very last character of the report is a character turn symbol, and we need remove that because it is giving us problems on the website. I am not sure if I am even on the right track, at this point I am just doing trial and error. Please help :D

public class RemoveChar { public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { // Variables and stuff Scanner keyScan = new Scanner(; JFrame frameOne = new JFrame ("File Name"); Scanner fileScan = new Scanner(; String fileName; // Ask user for file name System.out.print("What is the file full file name? "); fileName = fileScan.nextLine(); // Add .txt if the user forgets to put it in the prompt if (!fileName.contains(".txt")) fileName += ".txt"; //Test to see if file exists File myFile = new File(fileName); if(!myFile.exists()){ System.out.println(fileName + " does not exist. "); System.exit(0); } fWriter = new FileWriter("config/lastWindow.txt", true); /*while(fileName.hasNext()){ } File BufferedReader inputFile = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("C:\\" + fileScan)); //Scanner reader = new Scanner (inputFile); */ } }

-------------Problems Reply------------

How big are the files? If they are not that large, you can read the entire file into a string and then chop off the last character:

//Set delimiter to end-of-string anchor \Z so that you can read the
//file in with just one call to next()

String content = new Scanner(new File("filename")).useDelimiter("\\Z").next();
String withoutLastCharacter = content.substring(0, content.length - 1);

Then you just need to write withoutLastCharacter out to the file.

Otherwise you need to read in the original file line by line and write it out to a temporary file, and then copy that file over the original one. However, if you are on the last line, you will chop off the last character. Here's some code that should give you an idea of the basic logic:

while(scanner.hasNextLine()) {
String line = scanner.nextLine();

//If this is the last line chop off the last character.
if(!scanner.hasNextLine()) {
line = line.substring(0, line.length - 1);

//Write line out to temporary file

You also mentioned that it doesn't have to be Java. If you're on Linux or Mac, you can just do this with sed:

sed -i '$s/.$//' <filename>

This will delete the last character of the last line of the file.

Does this have to be a java problem? For something like this where it is basic file/string manipulation I prefer to use something like Perl. The below perl script will delete the last byte (or char in this case) from a file

my $fsize = -s $filename;
# print $size."\n";
open($FILE, "+<", $filename) or die $!;
seek $FILE, $size-2, SEEK_SET;
print $FILE ";";

close $FILE;

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