Java Audio API vs Web Audio API

I am trying to build an administrative application which can run on my cloud server and can produce a continuous stream of music for end users to access. All music files will be on the server and some may be stored on a local machine with a web client where I can interrupt the main server-side stream and use local files temporarily. When I am done, I can hand over back to the server.

I can't seem to wrap my head around generating a continuous stream without a client/server style interaction. I am thinking. the server-side must generate the stream and I can then use a separate web-app to interrupt the stream temporarily and resume when finished. this means i must be able to pull the stream given a url(kind of like the way desktop applications can pull updates and access online content etc). I have never built a desktop application.

I initially started out with Spring MVC, but it is a web framework and I am not sure if what I am trying to accomplish should be a traditional web client/server approach. If I build a web-app using WEB Audio API , when the admin-user terminates the window, computer goes down, the stream will go dead.

Presently, I am thinking about building a simple java class, build my audio processing using beads or the raw Java Audio api. I will compile a class file and run the programme on the server indefinitely. But how do I talk to such a programme from a web-app interface ?

How do I access the stream from a web-app for playback, much like an internet radio?

Please forgive if there are any ambiguity. Thanks Guys

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